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Our Founder

Late Dr. Virendra Swarup

Late Dr. Virendra Swarup, former chairman of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council, a great educationist, reformer and a great social worker. He was a pioneer and milestone in the field of education. He was the main pillar of the education building, which was set up by him. He gave the idea of quality education with ethics and sense of responsibility. He made the pavement for the lovers of knowledge to walk and fill themselves with a fresh air of education with sincerity, politeness and moral values.
The great contribution made by Dr. Swarup in the field of education in this populous state is well known and is evident from the fact that he was responsible in ways more than one to establish chain of educational institutions at all levels. Not less than 25 educational institutions are run throughout the Uttar Pradesh under the auspices of the famous 'Dayanand Shiksha Sansthan' of which Dr. Swarup was the Head and Kuladhipati. Two full fledged Post-Graduate Colleges, A women's Training College and two Intermediate are being run at Dehradun. A dozen Post-graduate colleges, both for boys and girls and several Intermediate colleges fulfilling the needs and expectations of the general public are being run in the cosmopolitan city of Kanpur, and a couple of Post-graduate and Intermediate Colleges are functioning at Unnao and Bachrawan in Raibarieli district.
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