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Principal's Message.

Words Of Wisdom - Our Vision & Mission

Dear VSEC family – From me to you.

As quoted by Ravindra Nath Tagore ‘That every human being is one who has potentialities of progressing towards ultimate where every day is heralded by a new dawn.”
With our motto “He that Seeketh – Findeth” , I have a message for my VSEC student fraternity that my enduring interest in children prompts me to remind each one of you of your ever growing responsibility and your convincing beliefs and mutual respect for the school; faculty at large that must at all cost be maintained. Dear children in our frozen moments we need to reflect on the challenges of today as how to meet them in our homes, school & our society.
“Great changes that are exciting yet bewildering.”
I remember something very meaningful and interesting which I felt, I should share with all of you. Recently I received a SMS. It read like this: When your cup overflows do not start drinking from saucer, share with others, whether it is wealth; knowledge to be imparted and importantly happiness.
School is a platform of excellence when knowledge is imparted with a vision and perspective to reach a goal and fulfil your dreams. Since the inception of our VSEC branch at Unnao in the year 2013 we head forward as a team to create children to be remembered for times to come. In the year 2013 2nd April it was just a dream come true for the children of Unnao District. When our Founder Dr. Nagendra Swarup Ji decided to launch a premier institution affiliated to ICSE one of our expansions of Dr. VSEC chain of schools.
It is said that 'Perfection is beyond us for it means the ends and we are always journeying, trying to approach something that is to be achieved.The word educate has its root in the latin word 'Educo' which means to educate. Education plays an indispensible role in harnessing an individuals talent and in converting ones dream and aspirations into reality.
I wish to thank my management and extend profound appreciation for creating platform of academic excellence and showing way to us to bear the torch of light of knowledge to ignite the minds of children. I wish a bright future, success for all of you and a sense of community life and a feeling of belonging to the place - our VSEC platform in the years to come.
So children Arise, Awake and Stop not until the goal is achieved.
Principal - Mrs. Payal Dubey